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N-Terminal Telopeptide: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
The biomarker N-terminal telopeptide NTX detected in urine, is reported in nmol of bone collagen equivalents/mmol creatinine. Therefore, detectable levels of creatinine in urine are needed to report normalized levels of NTX.

Chemical That Can Irritate Lungs Found in Flavored E-Cigarettes - MedicineNet
People using flavored e-cigarettes, particularly ones that taste like cherry, are likely inhaling a chemical that can irritate their airways, a new study suggests.

17-Hydroxyprogesterone, Urine: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and P
The reference range of urinary 17-hydroxyprogesterone 17-OHPG in children is as follows: Age 3 days to 1 year: Up to 50 ng/24 hours Age 1-8 years: Up to 300 ng/24 hours The following is the reference of urinary 17-OHPG in adults: Males: Up to 2 g/24 hours Females: Up to 4.5 g/24 hours .

Smoking and the Pill - information
Women turn to cigarettes for different reasons than men. That''s why they need their own methods to kick the habit for good.

Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Pan
Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA can be measured with radioimmunoassay, liquid chromatographymass spectrometry LC-MS, or chemiluminescent techniques, and the reference range varies by the technique used. The reference ranges for DHEA concentrations measured with LC-MS are listed in Table 1.

Not Smoking After Bone Surgery May Speed Healing
Learn about lung therapies and respiratory health, including medical information about asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia.

Parathyroid Hormone: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Parathyroid hormone PTH is produced by the 4 parathyroid glands, which reside behind the thyroid gland in the anterior neck. The release of PTH is normally stimulated by low calcium levels in the body.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Pa
The reference range for cerebrospinal fluid analysis is as follows: Opening pressure - 90-180 mm H2 O with patient lying in lateral position Appearance and color - Clear, colorless Antibodies, viral DNA - None Bacteria Gram stain, culture, VDRL - Negative Blood cell count and differential - White blood cells: < 5 all mononuclear; Red bl...

Total Smoking Bans Work Better Than Halfway Measures - MedicineNet
Total smoking bans in homes and cities greatly increase the likelihood that smokers will cut back or quit, according to a new study.

Fungal Culture: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Fungal cultures are used to evaluate for suspected fungal disease eg, candidiasis. In normal circumstances, fungal culture results are negative.

Hepatitis B Test: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Hepatitis B virus HBV testing plays an important role in detection, classification, and management of HBV disease. Results of HBV serologic markers can be reported qualitatively or quantitatively as international units IU or signal per cutoff s/c value.

Dexamethasone/Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Test: Reference Range, Collection
Testing corticotropin-releasing hormone CRH levels involves measuring the response to an intravenous bolus injection of synthetic ovine CRH at doses of 1 mcg 200 nmol per kg of body weight or total dose of 100 mcg. Table 1.

Rate METADATE CD Average Rating: 3.5

'Metabolizer Test' Might Someday Take Guesswork Out of Quitting Smoking
Quitting smoking is notoriously tough, and some smokers may try different approaches for years before they succeed, if ever.

E-cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit Tobacco: Study - MedicineNet
Electronic cigarettes are promoted as a way to help smokers kick the habit, but a new study contends that the devices hamper rather than help.

Ferritin: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Ferritin is the cellular storage protein for iron. It is present in small concentrations in blood, and the serum ferritin concentration normally correlates well with total-body iron stores, making its measurement important in the diagnosis of disorders of iron metabolism.

Theophylline Level: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Theophylline is a methylxanthine, a class of molecule similar to the xanthines caffeine and theobromine found in a normal diet. It has a half-life of 8 hours in a healthy person but decreases to 4-5 hours in people who smoke.

Shorter People Less Likely to Get Lung Transplants - MedicineNet
Short adults are much less likely than average-height adults to get a lung transplant, and they're more likely to die while waiting for one, the findings from a new study suggest.

Paying Smokers to Quit May Pay Off
Money may help some smokers stub out their cigarettes for good, a new study suggests.

Fibrinogen: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Fibrinogen is a soluble protein in the plasma that is broken down to fibrin by the enzyme thrombin to form clots. The reference range for the different fibrinogen tests are as follows: Fibrinogen antigen: 149-353 mg/dL Fibrinogen: 150-400 mg/dL Fibrinogen antigen/functional ratio: 0.

Tobacco Use Costs World 6 Million Lives,
Smoking kills about 6 million people a year, and costs the world more than Learn about lung therapies and respiratory health, including medical information about asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia. trillion a year in health care expenses and lost productivity, a new report says.

Rate MERCAPTOPURINE Average Rating: 2.3

Secondhand Smoke Derails Quit-Smoking Efforts
Learn about lung therapies and respiratory health, including medical information about asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia.

Folate Folic Acid: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Testing the folate level, which is also known as folic acid and vitamin B9, is primarily used in the diagnosis of megaloblastic anemia. The reference range of the plasma folate level varies by age, as follows: Adults: 2-20 ng/mL, or 4.

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