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Few Young U.S. Burn Patients Transferred to Specialized Centers
Few American children with significant burns are transferred to burn centers, despite current recommendations, a new study finds.

Are You Musical or Tone Deaf? Genes May Be Key
Inheriting certain inner-ear genes may make for top-notch musical chops.

Hearing Loss in Children
It''s never too early to start good family habits -- at the dining table and in the gym.

Researchers Discover How Flu Gains Foothold in the Body
If you've ever wondered how the flu virus succeeds at infecting so many people, a new study of mice may offer some insight.

Cochlear Implants May Also Boost Seniors' Mood, Thinking: Study
Cochlear implants not only boost hearing in seniors with severe hearing loss, they might also enhance their emotional state and thinking abilities, a new study finds.

Bedbugs' Genes May Protect Them From Insecticides
Bedbugs -- tiny, flat parasites that hide where people sleep -- are notoriously tough to kill, but scientists say they think they've uncovered new clues about why these bloodsuckers are so hardy.

Race Car Fans Develop Special Hearing Abilities
Information about hearing loss and communications disorders. Produced by our staff of board certified physicians.

Factors That Can Worsen Acne
Doctors don't know precisely what causes acne, but experts do know what can make it worse.

Understanding Age Spots
Age spots, sometimes called liver spots, are brown, flat spots that appear on the skin.

Are Hives Always Caused by an Allergy?
Find out what causes hives urticaria, swollen, raised red itchy bumps on the skin. In addition to allergic reactions, stress may also cause a person to break out in hives.

Help Prevent Skin Infections
Skin infections are common in athletes, often triggered by sweaty equipment that rubs against skin.

Earlier Acne Outbreaks May Be Caused by Earlier Puberty
Though acne has long been viewed as a teen phenomenon, dermatologists have been tending to an ever-younger patient pool, a new preadolescent reality that many experts link to a trend toward an earlier onset of puberty.

Chung-Ang University College of Pharmacy
The Chung-Ang University College of Pharmacy is one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical colleges in Korea. Established in 1953, it boasts a long and rich history and tradition.

Ear Infections Linked to Infant Head-Flattening
Information about hearing loss and communications disorders. Produced by our staff of board certified physicians.

Curious About Dark Toenails?
Have you noticed that some of your toenails are dark and discolored?

Protect Yourself From Burns
Information relating to skin problems including skin diseases and conditions, cosmetic surgery, medications, and treatment.

Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study
Researchers say giving birth control information to women visiting dermatology clinics can help promote the safe use of the drug isotretinoin, an acne medication known to cause birth defects.

FDA Warns of Fires From Wart Removers
Flammable over-the-counter wart removers have started fires, injuring at least 10 people in recent years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.

Health Tip: Signs That You Have a Hearing Problem
Hearing loss is among the most common conditions in older people, the Cleveland Clinic says, affecting about one-third of people 60 or older and half of those older than 85.

Coping Tips for Winter Skin
The cold, dry air of winter can deplete your skin of moisture and cause winter itch.

Taking Care of a Tick Bite
Information relating to skin problems including skin diseases and conditions, cosmetic surgery, medications, and treatment.

Sweating Excessively
If it feels like you're frequently perspiring for no apparent reason, it may time for a visit to the doctor.

Ears May Have Natural Defense Against Loud Noise, Mouse Study Shows
Ears have a natural mechanism to help protect them against extremely loud and damaging noises, new research suggests.

Pop! Goes That Balloon, and Maybe Your Hearing
Blowing up your kid's birthday balloons could end in a bang -- and hearing loss, new research suggests.

Cosmetic Surgery Checklist: Buyer Beware
Cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery are becoming more common cosmetic procedures. Find the right doctor.

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