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Review Shows Clues to Serious Childhood Infections
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Leishmaniasis in U.S. Military Personnel
Get the facts on infectious disease types, causes, prevention, and treatment, and learn how they spread. Plus, read the latest news on emerging infectious diseases like MRSA, E. coli, flu, and hepatitis.

Pediatrics Group Wants Parents to Read to Their Children Every Day - MedicineNet
All pediatricians should encourage parents to read out loud to their children every day, beginning in infancy, to promote literacy and strengthen family ties.

Climate Change May Bring Another Mosquito-Borne Illness to U.S. - MedicineNet
It's possible that a serious mosquito-borne virus -- with no known vaccine or treatment -- could migrate from Central Africa and Southeast Asia to the United States within a year, new research suggests.

Parents Taught How to Nurture Healthy Eaters
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Travel Medicine & First Aid Kit
It is important to take a small travel medicine kit when vacationing or taveling on business. You will want to include these items to cover the basic minor illnesses and injuries.

Sex Partner With No Zika Symptoms Transmits Virus: CDC
U.S. health officials report that the Zika virus can be spread sexually even when a partner shows no signs of infection.

Move Over, Mean Girls - MedicineNet
Preteens are happier when they engage in

Many Pedestrians Hit By Cars Are Distracted By Mobile Devices - MedicineNet
A new study reveals that there are two preventable reasons child pedestrians are hit by cars: they are not properly supervised, and they are distracted by mobile devices, such as MP3 players and cell phones.

Pregnancy May Conceal Ebola - MedicineNet
Ebola infection continues to surprise scientists. The latest twist: The deadly virus may hide in pregnant women without obvious symptoms.

Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million in Months, CDC Predicts - MedicineNet
Infections from the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone could soar to 1.4 million cases by mid-January unless the global community mounts a rapid response to the West African crisis, according to new estimates released Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

FDA Approves Antibiotic for Skin Infections - MedicineNet
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the intravenous antibiotic Dalvance dalbavancin to treat methicillin-resistant MRSA and other potentially deadly bacterial skin infections resistant to older antibiotics.

Chimps Can Get Ebola, Too, But Oral Vaccine May Help
A new study shows promise for an oral vaccine to protect wild apes against the Ebola virus.

Experimental Ebola Serum Grown in Tobacco Leaves - MedicineNet
ZMapp, the experimental treatment rushed to two Americans infected with Ebola in Africa, is grown in specially modified leaves of tobacco -- a plant better known for harming health than healing.

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Global Impact of Tropical Disease Leptospirosis Underestimated: Study
More than 1 million people contract a tropical disease known as leptospirosis each year, resulting in nearly 59,000 deaths, a new study shows.

Certain Tick Bites Might Spur Red Meat Allergy - MedicineNet
Can a tick bite turn you off red meat for good? It can if it is the bite of a Lone Star tick, a type that's endemic in the southeastern United States.

Parents Can Hinder Teen Weight Loss
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

U.S. Teen Treated for Rare Rat-Bite Fever - MedicineNet
A U.S. teenager was diagnosed with rat-bite fever after being bitten by her pet rodent, a new report reveals.

Man Dies After Parasitic Worms Invade Lungs - MedicineNet
A Vietnamese immigrant in California died of a massive infection with parasitic worms that spread throughout his body, including his lungs. They had remained dormant until his immune system was suppressed by steroid drugs used to treat an inflammatory disorder, according to the report.


Overcoming first day of school jitters
How to help your child through the first day of school.

Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests
Women with lupus are twice as likely to have a child with autism compared to mothers without the autoimmune disease, new, preliminary research finds.

New Test Helps Identify Rare Genetic Diseases in Newborns
New gene screening methods may greatly improve doctors' ability to quickly diagnose rare genetic diseases in newborns, researchers say.

Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids - MedicineNet
Children may benefit, physically and socially, from being allowed to play with less monitoring from mom and dad, a new research review finds.

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