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Texas Health Care Worker With Ebola Took Commercial Flight on Monday: CDC
The second health care worker at a Dallas hospital to be diagnosed with Ebola flew on a domestic, commercial airline flight on Monday evening -- less than 24 hours before she reported symptoms to hospital staff, federal health officials said Wednesday.

Treating Early Hodgkin's
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Preventative mastectomy for women with breast cancer mutations
Is preventative mastectomy for women with breast cancer mutations a good idea?

Cases of Rare But Deadly Encephalitis Rising Among Kids, Report Finds
THURSDAY, Jan. 17 HealthDay News -- Although still rare, the extremely serious disease known as Eastern equine encephalitis may be affecting more people than before.

Sirturo Approved for Multi-Drug Resistant TB
Sirturo bedaquiline has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use with other drugs to treat multi-drug resistant tuberculosis when alternative treatments aren't available.

Egg Recall Expands; CDC Expects More Illnesses
Get the facts on infectious disease types, causes, prevention, and treatment, and learn how they spread. Plus, read the latest news on emerging infectious diseases like MRSA, E. coli, flu, and hepatitis.

Relaxed Guidelines on PSA Testing Might Miss Aggressive Tumors
Relaxed guidelines on prostate cancer screening may delay diagnosis and treatment of aggressive tumors, a new study suggests.

Future Unclear for Kids Paralyzed After EV-D68 Infection
Allen Howe doesn't need his walker much anymore.

Skin Care Clinic Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery in London UK
Providing best-price cosmetic surgery services in UK Botox, Dermal Fillers, fat removal surgery treatment at clinics in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and Hampshire.

Statin Use Linked to Lower Prostate Cancer Death Risk
Prostate cancer patients who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins appear to face a lower risk of death from their disease, new Canadian research suggests.

Scientists Link More Genes to Common Brain Tumor
Abnormalities in just five genes account for the majority of meningioma brain tumors, according to a new study.

Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says
Rates of invasive cancers in the United States fell slightly from 2009 to 2010, and widespread adoption of colon cancer screening and other measures could push those rates even lower, a federal government study says.

Y2K Estimated Cancer Diagnoses & Deaths
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Cat Bites May Lead to Serious Infections, Hospitalizations
Cat bites may look less serious than dog bites, but beware: They can cause dangerous infections, particularly when they involve the hand, new research indicates.

Young Women With Breast Cancer Face Added Peril
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Hospital Sinks May Be Awash in 'Superbugs'
New research suggests that the battle against superbugs -- multidrug-resistant bacteria -- should begin in hospital sinks.

Health Highlights: Dec. 31, 2015
Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Surgery Alone May Thwart Stage 1 Lung Cancer
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Renal cell cancer
Read medical definition of Renal cell cancer

U.S. Minorities Less Likely to Get Colon Cancer Screening
Minority patients in the United States are less likely than whites to be screened for colorectal cancer, a new study finds.

Study Links Coffee to Lower Liver Cancer Risk
Researchers say they've discovered yet another reason to love coffee: A new study suggests that people who drink at least a cup a day have a lower risk of liver cancer compared to those who only indulge occasionally.

Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Might Double Chances of Prostate Cancer
Men taking selenium or vitamin E supplements might double their risk of prostate cancer, depending on the levels of selenium already in their bodies, a new study suggests.

Yoga Teacher Training in India
Teacher Training in India ,200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Medical Definition of X-ray
Read medical definition of X-ray

Insecticide Sprays Don't Offer Extra Protection Against Malaria: Study
Using insecticide sprays along with bed nets does not provide children with more protection against malaria than nets alone, a new study finds.

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